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Art is the literature of the imagination


It was an October morning in 1995. I was 9 years old, and I was selling my first drawings in the market square of a little nothern french town. It wasn't much, and I didn't know it at this moment, but my artist carreer had just begun.

Art is the Literature of the Imagination. And this is perhaps the reason why, during my youth, I always preferred drawing lessons to those which taught me something else ; I always preferred imagining than living. It was therefore, quite naturally, that I failed my schooling.

In 2003, at the age of 16, I was expelled from the french school system. I was stuck there, without a diploma in a country which nevertheless only respect them. This type of episode is not the best way to fuel this new particularly Instagrammable concept called “Self-confidence”. And that’s probably what made me hate conventions, standards, frameworks, and, above all, made me believe — wrongly — that certain things were not achievable. And, fortunately, certainties can fade.


After a little time and a lot of effort, I finally obtained my high school diploma as a free candidate and I validated two master's degrees in law, before definitively putting aside the legal world to transform my childhood dreams into projects to carry out. 24 years after selling my first drawings, I founded my first Design studio.

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Today, I am a brand designer, graduated with a Bachelor in Graphic Design at the École Supérieure des Métiers des Arts et de la Culture.

My Master Field is the development of graphic identities as well as the research and development of modern branding.



I mainly collaborate with start-ups wishing to stand out through trends in very competitive sectors. I also had the pleasure of working with French SMEs to boost their communications and reveal their full marketing potential.

In short, I like working with professionals who — as I do — are crazy enough to believe in themselves.




"There are three responses to a piece of design — Yes, No, and WOW ! Wow is the one to aim for." - Milton Glaser



 A brand designer is not just a graphic designer with more technical skills. Shaping a brand for clients involves taking into account and mastering the commercial aspects and marketing challenges of companies. What is a goal for a graphic designer is a means for the brand designer.

Audits Graphiques

& Consulting


As a consultant, I am close to the companies for whom I carry out graphic and marketing viability audits. I also offer adapted communication solutions in order to make the most of their position in the Market.

Développement Marketing




New companies need a strategy to deploy themselves effectively. I support them in the définition of a strong brand strategy that allows them to make a difference in competitive sectors.

Direction graphique


With my network of partners and in direct collaboration with chairmans and CEO, I drive and lead the graphic direction of the company in order to coordinate the actors who participate in the influence and the success of the brand. The objective is to consolidate its commercial strength.

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Cédric Poquelin





My studios and Projects represent the best Portfolio I can highlight. They are the fruit of years of reflection, practice, doubts and meetings. Each project has its own identity and brings together many professionals from different backgrounds.

Fableering Studio



The fable factory. Fableering is an illustration and animation studio. This project was abandoned in favor of the Design studio which requires more sustained involvement. All illustration projects nevertheless go through this laboratory.

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Ludas Fawks Studio



Ludas Fawks is my Brand Design Studio. It was created to infuse this Wow into the brand image of companies.

Excelsior Learning

Excelsior is a School of Graphic Excellence Project currently being developed. This project aims to provide the new generation of graphic designers with exceptional prerequisites to make them elite professionals.

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For any partnership or support request, contact me directly by email or Whats’App



Cédric Poquelin

6 rue d'Armaillé

75017, Paris FRANCE


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